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Battlefield 1’s Single Player Campaign Has 7 Episodes & 20 Missions



A leak from a couple months ago has proven true and gives us a better idea of how much content is included in Battlefield 1’s single player campaign.

A post on Reddit released a bunch of information about the content included in Battlefield 1 around two months ago. Most of the information has been proven as true thus far, with the leak posting the correct names of all the multiplayer maps found in the game which were officially revealed a week or so ago. As of today, the leak has proven true once again as it correctly named all of the episodes found in Battlefield 1’s single player campaign.

The name of each of the episodes has been revealed on the official Battlefield website if you’d like to confirm for yourself.

According to the info dump, Battlefield 1 will include a total of 7 episodes with 20 total missions for players to partake in. Each episode will have its own storyline and characters to follow, according to the Battlefield Blog. It remains to be seen just how long Battlefied 1’s campaign will last, but for now it seems to be pretty substantial.

We’re currently working on following up with DICE to learn a bit more about the single player campaign. You can see the full list of episodes and their missions below. If you’re worried about spoiling anything the names don’t reveal much of anything, but if you want to go in knowing nothing, you may want to skip over this post.

Episode 0 : Prologue

  • Chapitre 1 : Prologue

Episode 1 : Friends in High Places

  • Chapitre 1 : Flight School
  • Chapitre 2 : Total War
  • Chapitre 3 : Carry Your Friend
  • Chapitre 4 : Blitz

Episode 2 : Nothing is Written

  • Chapitre 1 : Hidden in Plain Sight
  • Chapitre 2 : Young Mens Works
  • Chapitre 3 : Hear The Desert

Episode 3 : Through Mud and Blood

  • Chapitre 1 : Tank Assault
  • Chapitre 2 : Fog of War
  • Chapitre 3 : Out of Gas
  • Chapitre 4 : Steel on Steel

Episode 4 : Avanti Savoia!

  • Chapitre 1 : ?
  • Chapitre 2 : ?

Episode 5 : The Runner

  • Chapitre 1 : ?
  • Chapitre 2 : ?
  • Chapitre 3 : ?

Episode 6 : Epilogue

  • Chapitre 1 : Gallipoli
  • Chapitre 2 : The Runaround
  • Chapitre 3 : Saving a Life

We will have a reaction editorial up for you discussing the single player campaign reveal for Battlefield 1 shortly, so stay tuned to OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for continued coverage.

Battlefield 1 releases on October 21st for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Watch Dogs: Legion Creative Director Details the Game’s Permadeath Mechanic



watch dogs: legion

In a bold move from, Watch Dogs: Legion makes every NPC playable with the added risk of permanent death.

During an interview with Gamingbolt, Watch Dogs: Legion creative director Clint Hocking talked about why the new feature is so special.

Watch Dogs: Legion lets players recruit any NPC into the hacker group known as DedSec. However, each of these characters can die during combat. Once a character hits zero HP, players will have the choice to either surrender to authorities or risk a last-ditch effort which could result in the character’s permanent demise.

Should a player choose to surrender, the character will be taken to jail by authorities. During this time players can either wait out a sentence or break the member out. For those unlucky enough to keep fighting and fall twice, their individual story will come to an end.

Hocking went on to describe the uniqueness of ever NPC in the game.

“Since every mission, every line of dialogue, and every cutscene has been written to account for every possible character, the loss of one of your characters means that the rest of your team will have to pick up where they left off and the plot and the story will carry on. Each character has their own origin story – the story of how they are recruited into DedSec, and once they are on your team, the main missions and the overall game narrative are the story of DedSec as a team, and how they collectively work to halt the emergence of the authoritarian regime that is trying to take over the city.”

Promotional material for the game detail four DLC characters that will be playable post-launch. It will be interesting to see how these paid DLC members will be affected by the permadeath mechanic, especially as the silhouettes suggest returning Watch Dogs fan favourites.

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