Battlefield Hardline, the brand new “cops-and-robbers”  themed Battlefield had a gameplay video leaked today (which was subsequently taken down), which detailed game modes, multiplayer and singleplayer.

The leak came from “BF Hardline” on YouTube and it is unclear whether or not this was an official channel. The gameplay, however, looked very legit and as a result, was taken down very rapidly. However, having seen the video myself, I can tell you that Battlefield: Hardline features heists, elaborate shoot outs between crooks and cops online and a return to environment destruction. Weapons include tazers, sawn-off shotguns and a police scanner that will reveal information about the world.It’s fair to say that Battlefield Hardline is looking like a fun shake up that the Battlefield series needed.

The game is promising a “leap forward in singleplayer”, featuring writing from the House of Cards and Justified producers with each mission ending on a massive cliffhanger to keep you coming back for more. The game’s story is about a Miami detective named, Nick Mendozza, who is on the hunt for revenge after his former partner betrayed him. The campaign will feature encounters with crooked cops, ruthless gangsters and everything in between and also looks to give you the chance to play the story how you like. Do you play as the crooked cop or the straight-laced police officer? It’s your decision. Could this mean we’ll have a highly entertaining “cop/criminal” story like The Departed? Probably not but hopefully it’ll be fun to play.

Again, we apologise for the lack of video but EA was swift to remove it. We’ll have more on this news as it develops. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for more updates.

Edit: Since posting, a new YouTube channel has uploaded the video. Watch it quick before it gets deleted:


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  1. Way more fast-paced and chaotic than what I was expecting. :0

    “It’s fair to say that Battlefield Hardline is looking like a fun shake up that the Battlefield series needed.”

    1. I’m cautiously optimistic. It looks like it could be a blast to play through but I’m still cautious.

  2. Not sure what to think of it. On one hand it sounds cool cops and robbers heat still could be awesome yet on the other hand BF no military gameplay, tanks, jets my m416 find it hard and were in hell is BFBC3 at ? If ea wont bring it back atleast add some if not all BFBC2 maps including vietnam dlc to BF4..

    1. Honestly, I agree with you. Battlefield should be… well about battlefields! It’s a bit like how Assassin’s Creed Black Flag focused more on pirating than assassins. Even though it sold well and was probably the best pirate game in recent times, it wasn’t the best Assassin’s Creed game in terms of story or even assassinating. For BF, I’d love to see Battlefield Bad Company 3 or even Vietnam make a comeback. While I don’t mind embracing something new, I don’t see why the Battlefield franchise has to be tacked on to what could have been a new IP?

      1. Just added the name to the title so it sells. I hope EA does BC3 2016, and then a new Medal of Honor by 2017. I really want that series to come back in full form.

        1. They’ve officially said no more MOH, sorry dude.

          1. Nah, they never said it was “done”. It’s just been put on the back burner until they can find a way to make it worthwhile to bring back back. At least that’s the last time I reported on the series, do you have a source to where they say there will not be a new MOH game?

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