One of the biggest complaints about games like Battlefield and Call of Duty is their campaign offerings. Players have gotten tired of the generic campaign where you run through a bunch of levels, shooting bad guys and calling it a day. Single player gamers who play these campaigns are hoping for more in both the story telling department and gameplay innovations.

Visceral Games seems to want to bring you a little taste of that with Battlefield: Hardline, a game that has been really overly criticized online by many Battlefield fans in my opinion. The beta was only a small taste of a full product, and every year we get the same complaints and the full game usually ends up being pretty good. Aside from bugs and glitches and other mechanical problems of course. Yes, I’m looking at you DICE, my campaign data is still being reset on BF4.

Anyways, speaking to GamingboltCreative Director Ian Milham told them that, “We’re [Visceral] presenting the single-player as a bunch of episodes. We’re not making a big open-world game, but it’s not as linear as people might be expecting. We want to offer lots of tactical choice within spaces and stuff like that. It’s still is a level game with and story, it’s not a broad open thing. But it’s not just a no choice roller coaster.”

It’ll be interesting to see Visceral’s take on the Battlefield franchise, and I’m for one at least a bit intrigued by the game’s cop vs robber campaign as it is something a bit different than the generic military mission campaigns we’ve been getting from DICE.

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Nick Calandra
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  1. ” We want to offer lots of tactical choice within spaces and stuff like that”

    What i wanted for more than a generation, but games were horribly linear and scripted, i hope fc4 also delivers.

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