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Battlefield V Single-Player Campaign ‘The Last Tiger’ To Be Told From German Perspective




Following the reveal that Battlefield V will be receiving a post-launch single-player campaign titled ‘The Last Tiger’, DICE design director Eric Holmes has confirmed the campaign will be a “German war story.”

Building on Battlefield V‘s E3 single-player hype, DICE promised a multitude of interconnecting vignettes to build the foundation of its single-player campaign. These stories, titled ‘War Stories’, will be in five parts. DICE has already revealed two War Stories, including ‘Nordlys’ and ‘Under No Flag’.

So far, the campaigns appear to indicate that DICE is pushing into underrepresented areas of WWII. ‘Nordlys’, for example, is a Nordic perspective on the war. ‘Under No Flag’, by contrast, moves into the brutal campaigns of North Africa, and ‘The Last Tiger’, as confirmed by Holmes on Twitter, will be from a German perspective:

Further details have come out today, too, stating that ‘The Last Tige’r takes place in the twilight of the war. Players will assume the role of the leader of a German tank battalion as its members collectively consider defection. While the other four stories will be available day one, ‘The Last Tiger’ is set to be release at a later, currently unspecified date.

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Stalker 2 is Not A Revived Version of the Cancelled 2012 Project



Stalker 2

Stalker 2 has been confirmed as an entirely new project that has no basis on the cancelled 2012 sequel.

Roughly a decade ago, fans were excited when Stalker 2 was announced. Unfortunately, in 2012, Ukrainian developers GSC Games World was shut down and all progress on the sequel was put on hold.

All went quiet until 2014 where the company resurfaced and announced that development on a version of Stalker 2 was underway. Despite a developer build for the original Stalker 2 making its way onto the web, GSC Games World chose to start from scratch and create an entirely new AAA experience for the series.

GSC Games World has so far not stated why the decision was made to start from the beginning, aside from the assurance that the new game is currently in development and will hopefully hit stores in 2021.

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