The original Bayonetta stunned gamers with its possessive character-driven, action gameplay, combining gunplay with hair-based magic. When the sequel, Bayonetta 2, was announced to be Wii U exclusive, fans of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game rolled their eyes and sighed. But now, it could be the exclusive that give the Wii U some bite again.

According to Hideki Kamiya, the creator of the game, it will be shown “next week… In Ninty Direct…” in a reply to a fan on Twitter. The broadcast will take place at 3pm BST on June the 11th, showing off other titles such as Mario Kart, Smash Bros. and a 3D Mario game. Keep posted for more details on Bayonetta 2.

Source: Twitter (Via Videogamer)

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  1. Just like Ninja Gaiden Razor’s Edge I’ll pick it up on 360 a few months after it’s sold 10 copies on Wii U.

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