Bayonetta 2 Likely To Stay Wii U Exclusive


Over on Twitter yesterday, Jean Pierre (JP) Kellams of Platinum Games announced his displeasure in regards to posting about the upcoming Bayonetta 2 on Facebook. His reasons? He hates “the pedantic port-begging.” It seems JP is adamant that Bayonetta 2 will remain a Wii U exclusive and hopes that people stop bothering him by asking for a next-gen console/PC port.

Is JP right to tell gamers to stop asking for a Bayonetta 2 port? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. I think JP will be begging 360 and PS3 owners to buy the port it when it fails to shift more than a few thousand copies on Wii U.

    1. No, he really won’t. Nintendo is publishing Bayonetta 2 in lieu of Sega, meaning that the chances of it coming to any console other than those created by Nintendo is very, VERY slim indeed.

      1. Nintendo will want to make money on their investment and they won’t make a bean by keeping it a Wii U only title, it’ll be on other consoles within 6-12 months of launch.

        1. … Name one single time when a hardware manufacturer allowed a game that they published on a competitor’s platform while they were still involved in creating and selling hardware.
          Besides, if Nintendo is happy enough with the sales of Pikmin and The Wonderful 101 that they’re not being brought to other consoles then why would they do it for Bayonetta 2?

          1. How about Ninja Gaiden Razor’s Edge or Mass Effect, published by Nintendo and Microsoft respectively. Never say never.

          2. There are mitigating factors in both of those cases, but I’ll concede that you have me. It’s my understanding that Nintendo has inked a similar deal with Sega/Platinum as they had with Tecmo Koei (Razor’s Edge), so it certainly isn’t outside the realm of possibility. However, there is also the fact that Razor’s Edge was little more than an enhanced port and not a new game. As for Mass Effect, that took five years and a reportedly lengthy campaign by EA to get full rights to the series.

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