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Bayonetta Developer Discusses Working on a New IP



Bayonetta 3 PlatinumGames

Bayonetta developer PlatinumGames has discussed its process of determining whether or not to work on a new video game IP.

In an interview with Video Games Chronicle, studio head Atsushi Inaba said that developers should focus on “something that [they] feel really passionate about.”

He felt that passion was the studio’s mantra. “We say, we’re going to make new, original games and we don’t care what the consequences are’. We’re not going to let other people tell us that what we’re doing isn’t good, or unpopular, or not the current trend… if we love it and we feel passionate about it, then damn the consequences!”

Inaba spoke about the respect that he has for Nintendo, a frequent collaborator with PlatinumGames. “Nintendo is a company that respects creators,” he noted. “However, please understand that I personally have known them for over 20 years and Platinum has been talking with them for a long time, so this is a relationship that has been forged over the past 20 years.”

PlatinumGames has worked with Nintendo on several occasions, dating back to Bayonetta in 2009, Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard in 2016, and the upcoming Astral Chain for Nintendo Switch.

Inaba spoke about the difference between Western game developers, and the Japan-based PlatinumGames. “One of the things you see from Western studios of a similar size to us (200–300 people) is that the whole studio is put on to one project […] what organically has happened for us is that we don’t just do one game, or two games: we do several games at once.”

Inaba also shared his displeasure with fans blaming Microsoft for Scalebound‘s failure, stating that “both sides failed.”

Finally, Inaba stated that 2019 will be an “incredibly important” year for the studio, teasing some potential new announcements in the near future.

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How Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 Creates a Living World



Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

The long-awaited Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 aims to buck the trend of bloated open worlds by giving the world a sense of dynamism.

Speaking to Polygon recently, the game’s narrative lead Brian Mitsoda and senior writer Cara Ellison explained how the team at Hardsuit Labs is bringing the Seattle nights to life.

One of the tropes that the developer is attempting to avoid is that where, in RPGs, “everybody is kind of waiting around for the hero to get there,” according to Mitsoda. Instead, he says that “you have to have characters that feel like they’re part of a world, that they’re not just there for the player’s benefit.” Details on how that will be handled, however, were not forthcoming.

Beyond the characters, though is the world, which Ellison says will be affected by the player’s actions: “[O]ne of the ways that we look at our world is that we are trying to make it really reactive to the way that you play and how you act as a vampire. The more that you break the Masquerade, the more consequences are going to come your way.”

That feedback loop will be important, as feeding on NPCs is the primary method through which the player gains strength. The blood of NPCs carries what the game terms emotional resonance, which is used to power up both active and passive skills.

Speaking about how that plays into the wider world, Mitsoda explains that “You’re always kind of on the hunt, and it’s one of the big parts of the side activities in the game. You’re skulking around on the tops of roofs and looking around for people with strong resonance and figuring out how to best get them in a position where you can feed on them without breaking the Masquerade.”

Since the game’s unveiling back in March, Hardsuit Labs and publisher Paradox Interactive have been releasing details on the game’s factions, the latest of which is the Ventrue. Meanwhile, a narrative RPG based on Vampire: The Masquerade from The Council developer Big Bad Wolf is also in development.

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