Beating Monster Hunter World’s Biggest Baddies

Monster Hunter World Xeno'Jiiva

Over the last few weeks, OnlySP’s Matthew Falconer has been providing some advice in Guidepost For Hunters, a series of video guides looking at how to tackle the beasts in Monster Hunter World.

In the final episode of the series, Matt tackles Xeno’Jiiva, the final boss in the game’s story mode, which is more time-consuming than it is dangerous.

Before Xeno’Jiiva was Teostra, a fiery Elder Dragon that Matthew describes as “part-dragon, part-lion, part-hand grenade”. Over the course of the battle, Teostra teases the player in several different locations, requiring lots of hard work and skill to finally take down.

Kushala Daora, a silver steel dragon with a very strong breath, is a tough beast, but certainly not tough enough for Matt’s hunting skills:

Vaal Hazak, a dragon zombie, is one of the last few dragons players will encounter in the game, so expect an intense battle:

Finally, Nergigante represents a pretty significant difficulty spike in the game. Considering how dangerous tackling him alone can be, Matt’s advice may be invaluable:

Released in January, Monster Hunter World is the latest in Capcom’s long-running series that casts players as hunters, taking down beasts large and small to improve their armour and skills. The game will receive several new creatures regularly as free DLC, with the first expected to arrive in the coming months.

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