Beautiful Desolation Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

Beautiful Desolation has completed its Kickstarter campaign, earning a grand total of $138,457 from a target of $120,000.

The game is the third project from indie developers, The Brotherhood, following Stasis and the more recent, free release of Cayne, both of which have been highly acclaimed. Beautiful Desolation will follow the design of those two games, being a traditional isometric adventure game that draws on traditional point-and-click gameplay. The Brotherhood is making some changes in its design process, however, as this new project will make use of photogrammetry, an emerging technology that scans real-world objects into video games to allow for hyper-realistic graphics.

At $135,000, Beautiful Desolation reached its first stretch goal, which involves the creation of The World Codex, which will be an evolving in-game glossary of the various animals, tribes, and places that players will come across during the adventure.

Although the Kickstarter has now finished, the developers are still accepting additional donations via PayPal. For anyone who may be interested, but wants to gauge the quality of the team’s work, OnlySP’s Himanshu Talwar is currently working on a review of Cayne, which should be available next week.

Beautiful Desolation is currently targeting a release in October 2019 for Windows, though Mac and Linux ports are also possible. More information on the title, including specific gameplay and story details, can be found in our earlier article.

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