Controller One

EA and Bethesda E3 2016 Press Conference Predictions | Controller One EP 1

Josh and I have returned this week as promised with a name for a new show and a pretty sweet logo that I designed myself. Our show is now called Controller One and I’m pretty excited to share the first official episode with you.

Following my issues with my clip-on mic last week, I decided to shell out a few bucks and get a Blue Snowball mic with a pop filter, so I have officially joined the media side of things here on OnlySP. Or at least, I’m attempting to! Give me a few more episodes to keep working on that monotone voice of mine and you may find a radio broadcaster in me yet. Who knows?

Anyways, this week Josh and I have started to discuss E3 2016 and what better way to start it off than to discuss the first two conferences of the show: EA and Bethesda. These first few episodes of Controller One won’t have a lot of editing, mostly because I don’t have time to go out and find 30 minutes of footage to overlay the video with, so treat this more as a podcast than a show for now. Maybe once support on our Patreon picks up I’ll have the time to really flesh out the show, but to use a quote from the Uncharted series: Greatness starts from small beginnings.

We hope you enjoy the first official episode of Controller One and be sure to leave your own predictions in the comments section or on our Youtube channel. Any feedback regarding the show is welcome too.

Stay tuned for Episode 2 which will be out sometime next week.


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