Bethesda: ‘We Have To Change How We Approach Single-Player Games’


Although Bethesda Softworks continues to be one of the greatest proponents of single-player games in the AAA arena, the publisher believes it needs to adapt its approach to such projects.

Speaking to The Guardian recently, Bethesda’s senior vice-president of PR and marketing Pete Hines first reiterated that the publisher remains dedicated to the format, saying “it’s part of who we are, and we still think there’s room to be successful.”

That determination, he said, is evident in the ‘Mooncrash’ update for Prey, as well as the upcoming single-player-focused sequels of RAGE, DOOM, and Wolfenstein. However, Hines also noted that the approach to such developments needs to change with the times:

“That doesn’t mean that we should keep doing things the way we did five or ten years ago—we’ve got to continue to change how we approach it.”

Unfortunately, Hines did not go into further detail about the forms those changes might take. Nevertheless, the aforementioned games may indicate some methods, as ‘Mooncrash’ introduces procedural generation for endless replayability and Wolfenstein: Youngblood will feature co-operative play.

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