There aren’t many indie games, especially first person shooters, that quite grab you like Betrayer. But Betrayer, a new indie game from Blackpowder studios, is anything but a simple first person shooter.

Betrayer could be classified as a first person atmospheric adventure game with shooter elements. The game isn’t really about the combat. Although it serves to have some excellent combat, the game is really all about the story as you explore a Virginian colony in 1604, uncovering clues about what has befallen its inhabitants. The game is all about atmosphere and from the surface you can clearly see this from the choice of color (or lack thereof). The world is entirely monochromatic with splashes of red. This serves to create an unnerving experience that makes every shadow and rustle in the wind a potential threat. The games choice to use red is excellent, drawing your eyes immediately to the color and alerting you of danger or important elements within the environment.

I found myself coming back to this game again and again to find out more about the story. Normally I’m not a fan of games that may frighten me, but Betrayer contained so much mystery and intrigue that the occasional scare was worth it. Some clever writing, responsive controls and a unique take on atmospheric adventures makes it one to watch.

Betrayer is a gem and is definitely worth taking a look at if you are a fan of atmospheric games. While the game is not meant to be frightening, there are some true jump-out-of-your-seat moments in the game. You can check out some of our game play footage over on our Youtube channel as well as some of our screenshots below.

Betrayer is available on Steam Early Access for around $15, with a special promotion currently running that nets you 10% off.

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