If you’ve still haven’t gotten around to try BioShock Infinite due to economic constraints (or patiently waiting for the right time), and if you’ve been pacing around your house waiting for Steam Summer Sale to show up – don’t bother. Gamefly’s recent Digital Summer Sale just took a dive to even better prices. Now the summer sale instant savings stack with a new 20% off Gamefly coupon for June 2013.

What does all this mean? It means BioShock Infinite is now only $28 – that’s 53% off the retail price for a Triple-A title released a little under 3 months ago. This is the Steam activated version (you’ll get a key to add to your Steam game library).

If you need extra convincing on this very excellent game, check out this detailed review from Editor-in-Chief Lachan Williams. Without exaggeration, BioShock Infinite is now frequently mentioned as one of the best game of this generation.

Having said all that, with the quick rate of how PC game discounts these days (especially single player ones), if you have about 400 other games to play through and finish in your Steam library you probably can wait just a tad bit more. We suspect BioShock Infinite will eventually fall to the sub-$20 ranges, so if saving an additional $8 is worth a 6-12 months wait, more power to ya!

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  1. I don’t want to wait for it to get cheaper but I have to cuz I’m super broke! =p

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