As part of BioWare’s Creating World blog, studio General Manager Casey Hudson has stated that the developer’s upcoming title Anthem can be fully enjoyed as a single-player experience.

Since its bombastic showcasing at 2017’s E3, Anthem has always appeared a game destined for multiplayer-only. This image is one Hudson was quick to quash, stating that:

“Even though Anthem is meant to bring out the best parts of playing as part of an online community, [players] can choose to play through the story with only [their] friends, or even on [their] own.”

Hudson extends on that sentiment, stating that “[Anthem] creates a unique experience where [players] have control over [their] own story, but [their] story is set in an ever-changing multiplayer world.”

Recently, games that attempt to blur the line between solo and multiplayer gameplay have not necessarily succeeded, which is an industry change Hudson identifies. He blames the middling critical success of these titles on consumer doubt, with players lukewarm on this recent trend.

In frank terms, Hudson states that “the reason people are concerned about whether these things are possible in a multiplayer game is because it just hasn’t been solved well before.”

Some further details can be found in the blog post itself, which touches upon Anthem‘s innovation, how the project fits into BioWare’s philosophy, as well as confirmation that gameplay from the title will be seen at EA PLAY on June 9–11.

This statement follows Hudson’s blog post last month, which attempted to articulate BioWare’s refocused studio mission.

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