The third entry in Bioware’s Dragon Age series isn’t due to launch until at least the middle of next year, but the company hasn’t been shy about bringing it into the public spotlight early. The latest kernel of news related to the much anticipated RPG is the unveiling of Dragon Age Keep, an application that will act as an alternative to the save file transfers, which promises to add personal nuance to the game world of Thedas.

Much like the interactive comic that was released alongside the PS3 launch of Mass Effect 2, which allowed players to fill in the gaps of the story left by their, at the time, inability to play the original title, Dragon Age Keep promises to allow users to make a number of choices to define their game’s history. This involves the hero attributes, quest results and much more to bring as much of the player’s original experience across. The world state that you create can then be imported into Dragon Age: Inquisition prior to beginning the latest adventure.

It is, as yet, unclear whether the current-gen versions of Inquisition will allow save file transfers directly but it seems as though the only way to carry your game over to the next-gen will be to go through the Keep. New players should welcome the ability to familiarise themselves with the world, but it’s understandable for veterans to be a little miffed by this development. Let’s hope that Bioware is looking into ways to upload save data from previous iterations directly to a cloud server so that those veterans won’t have to fiddle too much to get their world back.

On the other hand, the Keep does provide a chance for old hands to go back and change things around that they, perhaps, were not so happy about in the first instance.

Bioware is currently accepting beta registrations for Dragon Age Keep, with the application launching at an unspecified point next year.

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