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BioWare Opens Up On Anthem’s Single-Player Story

Anthem (BioWare) Anthem's Single-Player

Anthem closed out this year’s EA Play press conference with extensive details on the project’s single-player credentials, world building, and story being revealed.

The world of Anthem, where players assume the role of a mercenary known as a “freelancer,” takes place in “a world left unfinished by the gods,” packed full of primordial and technological problems. The players’ job, at its core, is to protect the free people of Tarkus, the name of the planet on which Anthem takes place.

Primarily, BioWare is creating a story to which it can “add story for years to come,” with each story development drawing out “something new and mysterious for players to discover.” The name of the title is derived from the game’s morally grey force called “the Anthem of Creation.”

The major gameplay proportion of Anthem’s presentation was the infiltration of “scar camps,” which players ransack in hope of finding echoes of the Anthem of Creation. In terms of narrative, and perhaps gameplay, these echoes appear to act as a form of currency. Check out the cinematic trailer, embedded below.

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