Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness Reaches Funding On Kickstarter, Reveals Stretch Goals


Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness, the love letter to isometric RPGs by Austrian-based developer GrapeOcean Technologies, has been fully funded on Kickstarter, with some of the project’s extensive stretch goals revealed.

As of writing, the crowdfunding sits at EUR €56,632 of the project’s €50,000 goal with two weeks remaining. The stretch goals, embedded below, include a language pack and a new player race, along with a new character class and region:


Black Geyser is another example of isometric RPGs recent renaissance, with titles such as Pillars of Eternity and Divinity: Original Sin II becoming critical and commercial successes. Black Geyser appears to be tastefully entrenched in classic RPG tropes, complete with real-time pause mechanics and a timeless artstyle.

However, the project offers a new spin on these tropes with the inclusion of  a complex greed system that directly affects everything from combat to commerce, seeking to twine the thematic concerns of the narrative directly into gameplay. This title is not a simple ode to Icewind Dale or Baldur’s Gate, but a real attempt to diversify the cRPG genre.

Black Geyser is set to release on PC, Mac, and Linux in August 2019.

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