Bloody Palace Mode Introduced To DmC Post-Release



It seems as though Capcom and Ninja Theory will really be embracing the idea of a post-launch content scheme with DmC Devil May Cry. We discovered in November that the first piece of paid downloadable content would be titled Vergil’s Downfall and allow players to take control of Dante’s twin brother in a story separate from that of the main game. Today’s revelation about the game is that the traditional Bloody Palace Mode will be making its return, though not until after release as part of a free update.

With over a hundred stages to battle through incorporating enemies from throughout the game, including five bosses, what we know of it points to it mirroring its predecessors. The mode will also include a global leaderboard, with position being ranked as much by style as pure combat ability. It’s disappointing that it won’t be made available after release, but it’s impossible to argue with free.

DmC Devil May Cry will be available worldwide from the 15th for consoles and ten days later for the PC.

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