It looks like Borderlands will be the next game series to recieve the remastered edition treatment if the Australian Ratings Board is to be believed.

Lifelower, who has found multiple listings for unannounced titles such as Alien: Isolation and Outlast for Xbox One, has come across a ratings board listing for Borderlands: Remastered Edition. Details are scarce on the page regarding which platforms the game is supposed to arrive on, but I think it’s pretty safe to assume you already know.

Now, what we don’t know is what exactly is being remastered, as the title just says “Borderlands”. Will we get a collection of the Borderlands games for next-gen consoles, or is the recently released Pre Sequel coming to next-gen consoles? Time will tell, but either way, it looks like the multi-million dollar franchise is prepping for a next-gen debut.

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Australia Rating Board

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  1. I’d be cool with this if it includes Borderlands 1 and 2 and would ESPECIALLY cool with it if includes Pre-Sequel. Never finished 2, and would love to play the DLC in one package. The only other game I want remastered so I can finish it is Splinter Cell :Blacklist haha.

  2. Please be Borderlands 1

  3. If it was all three games then goodbye life

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