In less than a week, Sledgehammer Games’ take on futuristic combat Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare hits store shelves for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PC. Based on the franchise’s popularity, past record sales, and plenty of advertisement, you can bet Sledgehammer Games wants big sales numbers on Day One.

To achieve this, they’ve tacked on a ton of digital extras for those who buy before the November 4th launch. Even better, a few retailers are throwing in bonus offers of their own, including release day delivery (with free overnight services in certain areas) making the pre-order case even stronger for Advanced Warfare.

Here’s a summary of all the deals:

Full details on all the pre-order deals is listed below:

While you can pick up the game just about anywhere, the “Day Zero Edition” package is all you’ll get at most big box stores (details below). On the other hand, there are four retailers offering a little something extra on top of Day Zero:

1) Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers are probably best off pre-ordering from The Microsoft Store with its two strong pre-order bonuses.

First off, they’re tossing in a $10 Xbox gift card, which is actually a gift code emailed out and redeemable on Xbox Live. Better yet, if you’re an Xbox Live Rewards member (free signup here) and your Microsoft Store account email matches your Xbox Live account email, you’ll receive instead 15,000 Xbox Live rewards points ($15 worth).

And perhaps most importantly, the MS Store is offering free release day arrival shipping for those who pre-order by Thursday, October 30th at 2PM Pacific.

2) PS4 and PS3 gamers can still get a monetary incentive through Best Buy.

Pre-order Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on any available platform and get $10 in “My Best Buy” rewards (free signup here). If you’re a Gamers Club Unlocked member, you’ll get a 20% discount, but that’s a service you’ll have to pay extra for at Best Buy.

While there is no free release day arrival shipping at BB, you can choose the free store pickup option at checkout and pick up on the launch date.

3) A third honorable mention is Walmart.

Unfortunately there’s no monetary bonus tacked on like at the two previously mentioned retailers, but Wally World will give you free release day arrival shipping.

Unlike the MS Store, there’s currently no cut off date for release day arrival shipping. While Walmart is guaranteeing this as of writing, make sure the shipping estimate is valid during checkout as we get closer to release date.

4) PC gamers are not left out of the loop thanks to GameStop.

Pre-ordering the digital download  before the November 4th release date actually gets you a price break at GameStop! Just enter coupon PCD15PR at checkout and get Call of Duty Advanced Warfare on PC for $50.99 – a 15% discount.

Pre-ordering before the official November 4th launch date gets you the “Day Zero Edition”. The number one reason to get this edition is the 24-hour head start on November 3rd. That’s right – pre-order and pick up or get delivered your copy a day early. November 3rd is also a double XP day, making for a faster level-up. On top of this, the “Day Zero Edition” will include:

  • Two brass-plated in-game weapons: the AK-12G Assault Rifle and CROSSBOW-B2
  • The Advanced Arsenal – which gets you two in-game items:
    • Custom Exoskeleton (bullet brass-themed)
    • EM1 Quantum energy weapon


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