Call of Duty isn’t exactly known for having the lengthiest of campaigns, or even that good of campaigns for that matter, but Sledgehammer Games may be looking to break that trend with Advanced Warfare.

Everything we’ve seen so far from the campaign has looked pretty darn good. The acting talent, the graphics and the premise of the story all seem to be on a quality level and with Glen Schofield leading the charge, players might be surprised by the campaign this time around. Just a few weeks ago we reported on some of the campaigns biggest influences which you should definitely read about right here.

However, Call of Duty campaigns are also known to be notoriously short which irritates plenty of people. Thankfully, it looks like Advanced Warfare will be attempting to fix that issue with Call of Duty as well. A user on Twitter recently asked Schofield how long the game would be, and while he didn’t give an exact answer, Schofield was sure to note that it’s longer than the last few Call of Duty games.

Ghosts was ridiculously short coming in at a measly 3 1/2 hours for me, even on the Hardcore difficulty so it’ll be interesting to see just how much longer Advanced Warfare really is. Obviously just because a campaign is long doesn’t mean it’ll be good, but as I noted before, everything we’ve seen is looking up to par so far.

Will you be playing through Advanced Warfare’s campaign? Let us know in the comments and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest single player gaming news.

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  1. Yes I’ll be playing it. I always buy it and always keep it. I still love COD even though everyone rags on it at least they seem to be trying. I actually didn’t mind Ghost’s campaign. I thought the worst in recent memory was Black Ops 2 with the weird choose your own adventure style. Everyone says COD for the campaign and Battlefield for the Multiplayer but if that’s so COD needs to get back to COD 2 length at least. With all the money it can be a really good story to play. Although I don’t know how hip I am on the future warfare. Why can’t we just go Korean war forward to present day. The first Black Ops was a good look at modern historical warfare. I like your site by the way. Original!

    1. Thanks for the comment crunchynugget! I think most of our team here is hoping for Call of Duty or some FPS to travel back to the world war 2 era or somewhere around that time as well. With the next-gen technology it’d be quite a spectacle to experience D-Day now as compared to the start of last gen.

      1. They sort of did. Wolfenstein was great fun. Kind of a WWII shooter.

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