As Nick reported earlier this week, the Call of Duty reveal did come through as expected. Activision has confirmed that the new Call of Duty title is “Call of Duty: Ghosts”. The game is set to release on November 5th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, PC and next generation consoles. Infinity Ward will be developing the game with a brand new engine and will be skipping Modern Warfare this time around. This is good news considering the series has been using the same engine, with some modifications/updates since 2005. You can expect a lot more info when E3 rolls around in June and a bit more on the features sometime today.

There is not much we can say about what the new title will be about in regards to the story, characters and overall features of the game as Activision is expected to reveal more about the game later on today. Infinity Ward tweeted this image (above) as the game was revealed.

Look for more updates here on the game as the full announcement comes in. You can also check out regular updates on the game’s official Facebook page.

Look for the next generation reveal and brand new engine will come around at Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox reveal on May 21st.

Source: Gamespot

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  1. Er…uh…it hasn’t been using the same engine since 2005.

    1. Yes, it has. It’s been using various modifications and updates of the IW engine since that time including Black Ops 2. This new Call of Duty will use a brand new engine.

      1. I get that part. It, just seemed to imply that there has been no improvements since 2005. It would be like saying “Bioshock Infinite is using a 2005 engine!” Technically, you’d be correct, but it would still sound just as silly.

        1. That is true, I made the necessary correction to reflect that in the article. I am certainly curious as to what Infinity Ward has up their sleeves with this new engine. I hope it’s not their way of just saying “oh look! Here’s IW 5.0!” Call of Duty would do well with a BF type engine.

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