Capcom Files New Trademark Applications For Onimusha

Onimusha, the PlayStation 2 samurai-action classic, has been quiet for six years now, but Capcom is perhaps looking to revive the series following a trademark application for the series in several regions.

According to the Global Brand Database, earlier this week Capcom filed for trademark in the Australian, Canadian, Philippines, Mexican, and New Zealand regions. Bundled in with the trademark application were other upcoming Capcom titles such as Mega Man, which adds further fuel to the Onimusha hype. Thanks to ResetEra user AAMARMO, the trademark paper trail was unearthed:


Capcom, however, filed a trademark for the series in 2015, which sparked similar rumours, but ultimately ended up leading nowhere in terms of a full sequel or reboot. The last entry in the series was the downloadable Onimusha Souls in 2012, with the last major release being Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams back in 2006.

The series is one of Capcom’s best-selling franchises behind its big hitters such as Resident Evil and Monster Hunter, with fans of the series being confused at Onimusha‘s lack of attention for over a decade. Hopefully the trademark is a sign of a new game or, as 2018 seems to be the year of the remake, a full remaster of the original titles.

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