Historical Games Are Important Railway Empire 1979 Revolution Red Dead Redemption

1979 Revolution, Railway Empire, and the Importance of Historical Games

Rhain Radford-Burns
Historical media has long been an important art form, with the earliest period drama films debuting over 100 years ago, and video games are no
Top 7 Western Games
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Seven Games That Nailed the Wild West

Rhain Radford-Burns
Some of the best films ever made are set during the Wild West, so this high level of quality should naturally transfer to the medium
History of Western Games Part 2
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Resurgence and Redemption — History of Western Games (Part Two: 1995–2018)

Rhain Radford-Burns
As the age of the arcade died and the PC made its resurgence, the Western genre continued to flourish in video gaming, and the best
History of Western Games Part 1
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The Origins of Virtual Gunslinging — History of Western Games (Part One: 1971–1994)

Rhain Radford-Burns
The Western genre, which tells the story of the 19th century American Old West, was the most popular genre of Hollywood film throughout the early