Knightly Metroidvania Chasm Coming to Switch October 11


Chasm, which previously released on the PlayStation Network and Steam, is coming to Nintendo Switch on October 11.

Chasm is a standard Metroidvania title where players assume the role of a new recruit on his first mission in the Guildean Kingdom. Eager to prove his worth as a knight, this recruit embarks on an investigation of a local mine that has been shut down, leading to a fantastical tale of supernatural entities and disappearances.

Players are expected to combat these entities, whilst exploring castles, catacombs, and abandoned villages. The usual reliance on backtracking and left-field usage of new equipment with Metroidvanias is to be expected.

The title does attempt to differentiate itself by having a degree of procedural generation, with the sequence of rooms and their contents randomised. The overarching story is the same for all players, but each of their journeys will be unique.

Chasm will have six large procedurally-generated areas which boast “hand-crafted” designs. The boss battles in the title were highlighted as a high point. The game achieved a solid score of 72 on Metacritic, impressing critics more than users.

The Switch is very much becoming a bastion for smaller indies, with older titles seeing a new lease of life on the console. Check out Chasm when it drops on the Nintendo eShop October 11, and be sure to follow OnlySP on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

Ben Newman

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