Cheapest Dragon Age Inquisition GOTY in Origin’s Infinite Sale


You can now pick up Dragon Age Inquisition: Game of the Year Edition for a cool Jefferson this week in EA Origin’s “Infinite Gaming Sale”. It’s the lowest price to date on the game + DLC, but also on sale is the base game for only $10. The Origin sale is not limited to just Dragon Age.

Dozens of titles are at or near their all time lows. For a full analysis you can go here, but for the most part prices are as good as you can expect.

Dragon Age

Sims 4

Star Wars: Battlefront




The Sims 4 series is also of note. Besides the base game reaching one of its lowest recorded prices ever for $24, we’re seeing the DLC expansions all matching or exceeding their best past prices. The December released Get Together expansion is half price at $19.99 and represents the lowest price yet by $4.

Origin’s sale runs through June 28th at 10AM Pacific. That gives the discounts about two weeks to run at these levels, and after that point will return to normal pricing at Origin.

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