Those Nords are at it again, trying to corner the CityBuilder market. Next week Tuesday, the Finland-based Colossal Order will release its latest creation: Cities: Skylines. The game is getting published by the Sweden-based Paradox Interactive and is set to be the latest competition to the controversial 2013-released SimCity. Although still a pre-order, it’s the top seller right now on Steam Store.

The game starts priced at $29.99 on Steam Store, but two digitally authorized retailers  are launching discounts ahead of next week’s release. Green Man Gaming has it as part of their “VIP Gaming Sale” where the better 27% discount can be had once you login or create an account on this page. Also notable is a 25% off coupon at DL Gamer. Discounts linked below:

GMG VIP Sale 27% Off Deals:

DL Gamer 25% Discount:

The DLGamer deals are good alternatives if GMG’s VIP isn’t available in your particular region. Both deals are expected to expire on the morning of March 10th, when the game is released.

Pre-order Bonuses for Cities: Skylines

You’ll receive some minor cosmetic and in-game items if you pre-order from any legitimate retailers. Buying before March 10th will get you a digital concept book with commentary from the developers and behind the scenes info during the game’s creation. Secondly, there are five digital building blueprint-inspired postcards. In addition to that, you’ll also get five in-game custom items:

  • a Carousel
  • Dog Park
  • Bouncy Castle
  • Basketball court
  • Botanical Garden


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  1. I’ve watched a bunch of the dev diaries for this, and it looks very good. Colossal Order did a great job with their last two games (Cities in Motion 1 and 2), so are in a good run of form as well.

    1. Yeah I suspect the game will be well received based on everything thus far. Here’s hoping there will be a good community with cool mods too.

      1. I’m generally not really into the modding side of things, but I think there might be some kind of in-game support for user-made buildings, or at least something similar. If there is, could give the game a tonne of legs. The pubs and devs are both very pro-mod though, so I suspect there’ll be good ‘proper’ modding support as well :).

  2. Yes! I’ve been waiting on a deal for Cities. Game looks great and I picked it up from GMG. At this time, DL is only 15% and not 25%

    1. For the DLGamer deal you gotta use the 25% off coupon: DLG-PACENAYA

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