With pre-load going live today on Civ VI ahead of Friday’s release, those of us die-hards willing to pre-order are faced with the old dilemma – Standard Edition or Deluxe. If Deluxe is on the table for you, the nice thing about today is a Civilization VI Deluxe Edition discount now to $63.99 – or only four bucks more than the Standard Edition.

The retailer in question is GMG, who is fully authorized by 2K to sell the game, so you’ll get your Steam key instantly after purchase and the pre-order bonus Aztec Civilization Pack. The trick at GMG is they will not reveal the discount to you in North America until you’ve added the game to cart.

Deluxe vs. Standard

Okay, so the discount doesn’t solve the dilemma of Deluxe vs. Standard, it only adds a new dimension. Now you have the option to get a cheaper Civ VI copy or to get the Deluxe for about the same $60 as everyone was charging for Civ VI standard yesterday.

In addition to the base game, Deluxe gets you two extras:

  • 25th Anniversary Digital Soundtrack
  • Access to four post-launch DLC Packs

The four post-launch DLC packs are really the main reason to buy the Civilization VI Deluxe. We don’t have details on them yet, but we are promised that they will add new maps, scenarios, and leaders. Also we know that you will save money buying the Deluxe over buying the four DLC separately, which means that they will add up to over $20 if buying separately.

If you know you’re going to buy the extra DLC, then it makes sense to get Deluxe, especially with this discount. If you’re a Civ casual fan, then maybe go Standard Edition and wait for the DLC to come out before buying.

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