Serial Cleaner

Polish studio iFun4all have just announced a new stealth action game, and it looks like a bloody mess, in a great way. Set in a 70’s stylised world, Serial Cleaner is a darkly humoured stealth game where the player is tasked with cleaning up murder scenes.

You take control of an unnamed professional cleaner, whom much like the games aesthetic is decked out with the epidemy of 70’s accessories sporting large sunglasses, tight pants, and a wicked mustache. As this mustachioed custodian, the player must complete each stage by disposing of bodies, covering up blood stains, and hiding murder weapons and incriminating evidence. This cleaner will take on any job as long as the pay is right, whether it’s for a regular joe who screwed up or cleaning up after a shady mob hit. By the sounds of things, you are not exactly on the side of the law.

The main plot of the story kicks in when a copy-cat killer begins a string of murders that emulate highly-popularized killings portrayed in the media.

The Serial Cleaner announce trailer doesn’t show any gameplay footage, but it showcases a unique art style and distinct atmosphere that feels like a pulp film straight out of a 70’s cop drama. Additional screenshots provided by iFun4all show a few quick glimpses of the gameplay.

serial cleaner scr01

One of the more intriguing aspects of the game is its use of Real-World Data. Serial Cleaner will use information like what time it is, and the player’s current whereabouts to modify missions in the game. No details have been announced as to the extent of this feature and how heavily it will affect the game.

It is yet to be announced which platforms Serial Cleaner will be coming to, and there is currently no release window either.

You can check out the Serial Cleaner teaser trailer below.

What do you think of this disco-era inspired indie title? Does it sound like a bloody good time? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for all future updates on Serial Cleaner.

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