Cloudgine Developer Talks Crackdown on Xbox One, “Can’t wait to get out of the dark”

A user on NeoGAF that goes by the name of kampfheld, happens to be a verified developer on the Cloudgine engine, which is the tech that will be powering the  cloud based features of the upcoming Crackdown reboot for Xbox One. Today, he revealed a couple pieces of new information regarding Crackdown for Xbox One.

Kampfheld cleared up a common misconception today as he confirmed that Cloudgine is only developing the tech for Crackdown, and future games that use the power of the cloud. The studio developing the actual game will be named in the not too far off future.

The developer also noted that there’s a lot of doubt regarding what can be done with the so called “power of the cloud” and he’s well aware of the challenges Cloudgine is facing, but in his response on NeoGAF, the developers behind Cloudgine seem very confident in what they’re developing.

On another note, the latest installment is known to be heavily supported with the cloud(TM). Yayaya … That stupid cloud talk again 😉 I know you can not hear it anymore. What I want to say though is: your local gaming mashine does not have enough calculation power to run our game engine. I think we always communicated it that way and there is no reason not to be honest here. If you want to deliver something that has never been done before in that kind of scale, then you can not make compromises. We totally know that there are huge risks involved. But this is the route we will take. We are super confident here and can’t wait to get out of the dark.

Personally, I can totally understand that there are huge doubts. I’m not an idiot. Too many games did things wrong or communicated something wrong. People want to see what cloud computing can be used to in gaming. So give a chance at least on showing this. I think that would be fair.

It’s up to us to deliver on your bolded sentence. Again – personally – I want to see you playing this game really thinking “holy SHIT why doesn’t my mashine burn already?”. We want to achieve this. And we’re working super hard to get to that point.

Based on Crackdown’s use of the tech that Cloudgine is building, many gamers seem to be wondering if the game will be an online only experience, similar to Destiny or The Division. According to Kampfheld, there will be a single player mode for the game and it will not be a multiplayer only title. Good.

The developer teased that a small tech demo may be coming soon to show off more of Cloudgine’s capabilities, but he couldn’t promise anything. Having said that, the developer said to expect more information this year regarding Cloudgine and Crackdown on Xbox One.

It’ll be very interesting to see how Cloudgine develops and if there will be a large number of people eating crow later this year. If Cloudgine can achieve what they’re working towards, I don’t think gaming will ever be the same.

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