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New Code Vein Footage Focuses on Flashy Combat



Code Vein, the upcoming action RPG by Bandai Namco, has a short new gameplay teaser, complete with combat, finishers, enemies, environments, weapons, and some examples of co-operative play.

The footage takes place across two different environments: a snowy mountainside and a fire-infused level. The gameplay looks like a melange of typical action RPG systems, the dodging and countering system of Dark Souls, and the incorporation of finishers akin to spectacle fighters such as Bayonetta. The HUD is remarkably similar to the Souls series, particularly in the item management system.

The most interesting aspect of the combat appears to be the employment of an AI-assisted companions, Yakum0 and the gunslinger Mia, who make up two of the possible five companions in Code Vein. The buddy system is essential for the project, as the system will add depth to the otherwise seemingly standard combat. The companions both offer different damage types and modifiers, along with providing story commentary.

For those unfamiliar with Code Vein, the game has players assuming the role of a “revenant” (which means “vampire” in anime-talk) that needs to consume blood to prevent themselves turning into a “lost.” Being a Bandai Namco game, the story and visuals will likely fall into the eccentricities and Eastern tropes expected of Japanese action RPG titles.

The developer has placed a lot of emphasis on the game’s visual style, aiming to find a middle ground between anime-based design and realism.

As of yet, Code Vein has no release date, but potential players can expect further gameplay videos to be cascaded out with the title aiming for a late 2018 release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The gameplay footage is embedded below, but be sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter before checking it out:


Animal Farm Developer Talks Challenges of Adaptation



Animal Farm

While details of the upcoming Animal Farm game remain scant, one of the key developers, Imre Jele, has opened up about the process of adapting George Orwell’s classic text.

Jele took to the stage during University College London’s recent event ‘Rebel? Prophet? Relic? Perspectives on George Orwell in 2019’ to discuss the inspirations and challenges the team has faced. While no transcript of the talk is available, sources from the event took to Twitter to share some of Jele’s insights.

Perhaps most notable is the statement (via the event’s official Twitter page) that “We didn’t want Animal Farm in space—we just wanted Animal Farm, as it was in the text.” This desire separates the project from other adaptations such as Dante’s Inferno or American McGee’s Alice that take considerable liberties with their source material. At the same time, the political nature of the book means that the game should offer more than simple entertainment:

However, these goals are complicated by the fact that, according to Jele (via The Orwell Foundation) that the team is “constantly encountering the problem: at what point in the story would Orwell allow the the reader—the player—to make choices?”

Jele also discussed his own history with the book, which he first experienced as a child in Russian-occupied Hungary, and how it related to his family’s political opinions.

The game was first announced almost two years ago and described as an “adventure-tycoon” experience, though relatively few concrete details have yet been made available. At present, only a PC launch is confirmed with consoles a possibility, while no release window has been announced.

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