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Conan Exiles Coming to Xbox One, New Trailer Released

Following on from the recent revelation that Conan Exiles will feature a single player mode, Funcom has confirmed an Xbox One release for the title within a new trailer.

Both the news and trailer (embedded below) were released as part of a development update, which also provided a slew of new details about the promising open-world survival game.

The opening gambit of Conan Exiles is reminiscent of The Elder Scrolls, with the player character an unnamed figure accused of crime and exiled to the harsh deserts of Hyboria, the setting of Robert E. Howard’s Conan series.

Although it follows many of the gameplay conceits of its forebears and contemporaries, such as Minecraft and DayZ, such as hunting and resource management, but sets itself apart by allowing players to enslave enemies, decide religious allegiances, and even summon avatars of the gods to help in overcoming enemy tribes and clans. The developers also claim that it will feature some light RPG elements, but those have not yet been outlined.

Despite featuring the ability to play solo, Conan Exiles is designed primarily as a multiplayer game. However, it is not an MMORPG, like its precursor, Age of Conan, but is more restrained and focused, though it will retain the more abstruse style of storytelling associated with MMOs, rather than a more direct narrative.

Conan Exiles will enter Early Access on January 31, 2017, while it will be available as an Xbox One Game Preview in Spring. The game has not yet been confirmed for a PS4 release.

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