Welcome back, folks! We have another episode of Concerning Comments for you today, in which we display badly worded, poorly constructed, or just plain weird gaming comments. This week: Homefront and Starcraft are compared, Rockstar apparently ‘helps’ boys, someone gets a hernia after a short campaign, and a game is so bad that someone’s bathroom is compromised as a result. And I thought I’d seen it all.

As usual, comments may contain strong language or other nasty material.

Comments, commence!

I can’t actually tell if the person below likes or hates CoD. Given the popular opinion of the internet, I’d say it’s the latter. At least this person has a general love for the human race, which is refreshing.

I know Homefront and Starcraft both involve Korea, but I never thought that they were essentially the same game. Thanks to Droidek, however, I have finally seen the light.

Ever loved sniping so much that you completely forgot about grammar and punctuation? This fellow did.

You know how harmful short campaigns are, developers? They can actually give people hernias, as witnessed below. I hope you’re happy, you cruel monsters.

Trust not in people, but in terrific graphics. Wait, what is lotro?

Sometimes, graphics are literally so amazing that they make people forget what they are. As can be seen below, AeroOzzy has been so blown away by a particular game’s graphics that he no longer knows what the term graphics means, let alone the sheer concept of them.

Bodgy? Forgive my American ignorance, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard that term before. If it is what I think it is, though, it nicely describes the following user’s grammar.

Rockstar is a great company, as evidenced by their helpfulness to teenage boys and young men in the area of, errr… sexual favors. But in a non-perverted way, yeah. That makes perfect sense.

A typically vile console fanboy. Nothing new here, but still entertaining to read.

Just read this one. Seriously, just read it. How does someone come up with something so weirdly hilarious?

BONUS: Gametrailers comment

As a bonus, we present the following comment from Gametrailers.com. It goes for the classic style of misused grammar, and does a mighty fine job at it.


Tune in next week for another episode of concerning comments; every Thursday here at OnlySP!


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