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Remedy Entertainment Details All Supernatural Abilities in Control



Control Remedy Entertainment

In an expansive new feature on Control, developer Remedy Entertainment has detailed every supernatural ability in the game.

So far, a lot of discussion around Control has centred around its visuals and lore, but in a detailed feature with Game Informer, game director Mikael Kasurinen sat down and explained every ability the game’s protagonist, Jesse Faden, will learn.

Kasurinen explained the thought processes behind the overall style of the abilities first, stating Remedy preferred to “avoid using supernatural effects as much as possible.” As a result, each of Control‘s abilities errs on the side of implicit as opposed to grandiose, colourful statements of power.

The first ability is the game’s weapon, which Kasurinen calls “optical power.” Essentially, the weapon is an “expression of a basic weapon,” which organically grows and upgrades as the game goes on.

The second ability, Launch, is a telekinesis power, allowing players to pick up and use objects in the environment as shields or weapons.

An evolution of this telekinetic power is the game’s third ability, named Shield, which is used as a barrier against incoming damage. The power of the shield is dependent on the player’s environment as it consists of surrounding debris and objects.

The fourth—and perhaps most interesting—ability is Evade, allowing Jesse to use telekinetic powers to dodge, float, and levitate, opening avenues for melee-based counterattacks. This melee attack can also be used to manipulate the environment, knocking out walls and cover to gain a strategic advantage.

The final ability is explained as a “deviation from telekinetic abilities.” Instead, this ability is a telepathic ability to control an enemy’s mind. This allows the player to mind control enemies, turning them over to their side for a limited time.

Interestingly, Kasurinen described Control as a “Metroidvania” in the middle of the interview, implying the game will have an open-ended level design with avenues for rigorous backtracking.

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Sci-Fi Adventure Tether Back in Development, Demo Released




Freesphere Entertainment has announced that Tether is back in active development, almost a year after it was put on hold.

Alongside the announcement, the team has finally released the prototype version of the previous incarnation of the project for free on According to the announcement, the decision to release the demo came because “it seemed silly to have years of hard work sat there for people who worked on it to not get any recognition.”

The post also suggests that Freesphere has gone back to the drawing board for the project, saying that it is seeking to reduce the scope of the story and hinting at a “new direction.”

The demo is a long time coming, as creative director Mark Gregory first told OnlySP late last year that it would be made available as part of a larger interview discussing some of the problems and struggles faced by the team members, which included underfunding, a lack of publisher interest, and personal burnout.

For anyone unfamiliar with Tether, the sci-fi adventure promises to tell the story of a mother trapped aboard a space station while on a mission to prevent environmental collapse. While the premise raises echoes of the ‘walking simulator’ format, the game was quite ambitious, featuring time manipulation mechanics, a reactive AI enemy similar to Alien: Isolation‘s xenomorph, and immersive sim elements. How much of that will be retained in the new version remains to be seen.

OnlySP’s Amy Davidson has already pledged to trial the demo as a future entry in the Friday Freebies Club, which this week will examine \SPEK.TAKL\, so watch out for that.

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