Remedy Entertainment has opened up about some of the exclusivity deals the company has made regarding Control and its post-launch content.

In an interview with Wccftech, Thomas Puha, community director at the developer, noted that the exclusivity period for Control‘s expansion packs on PlayStation 4 will not be very long and that the game’s publisher, 505 Games, would know more about the details of deal with the Epic Games Store for PC.

Puha elaborated further on the PS4 exclusive content:

So there’s one exclusive mission in the digital deluxe PS4 version, and then the expansion pass is kind of tied to that. But outside of that, one costume, the side mission, and the digital themes, the game is the same on all platforms, and all the expansion pass will be available on all platforms, but I can’t say what the exclusivity window is, except it’s not very long. So, again, we’re consumers as well at Remedy and the core game is the same for everybody. Again, many publisher and business reasons for doing certain things.”

He also spoke about the decision to go exclusive on the Epic Games Store for PC:

“You’d have to talk to the publisher about that. There’s been a long relationship between Epic and Remedy, and whenever these disruptive kinds of things happen, some people are upset. From our perspective, I mean, we’re consumers as well. So I mean, we get some of the frustration, but at least from Remedy’s perspective, we’re still multiplatform. You know, you can still play the game on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. I think the main concern for us is; let’s just make Control as good as it can be. Right? That’s the main thing. We are worried about making the game as good as it can be.”

Remedy has a history of working with Microsoft, producing games such as Alan Wake for the Xbox 360 and Quantum Break for the Xbox One. However, middling sales of the latter title on both Xbox and PC was most likely a factor for Remedy to go multiplatform with Control.

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