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Control is gearing up to be a major highlight of the year for OnlySP, and its pre-E3 screenshots have only added to that palpable sense of excitement.

The screenshots show off a level towards the latter half of the game, with further details of this exact mission set to be revealed at E3. The most detail-heavy screenshot is that of the game’s inventory, showing off some weapon mods and grip enhancements.

As previously revealed, weapon grips can apply stat modifiers, with the screenshot showing off an attachment which boosts headshot damage. The grips and other modifications have levels, too, but whether these are enhanced through consumables or the game’s equivalent of experience remains to be seen.

Combat-wise, though, developer Remedy Entertainment has focused primarily on the game’s supernatural powers and skirmishes. Comparatively, the developer has not talked in as much detail about facets of the game such as the bread-and-butter of combat or the level design in gameplay terms. Hopefully, these extra details can be squeezed out of Remedy during E3.

View the rest of the screenshots in the gallery embedded below. Mostly, the images illustrate more of the husky, strange atmosphere of Control, which launches August 27. For more on Control, be sure to follow OnlySP on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube, or join the discussion in our community Discord server.

Ben Newman

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