Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games have released a new story trailer for Control.

The trailer introduces a strange man who details his dream about the Hiss invasion of the Federal Bureau of Control, and how at first everyone thought it was horrifying, before eventually welcoming the Hiss in. The Hiss is a hostile supernatural force that can corrupt objects and living beings, yet no indication has been giving whether this strange man is an ally or enemy.

In the trailer, many scenes are covered in an eerie red light. The protagonist, Jesse Faden, holds a gun up to someone’s head, but near the end of the trailer, Jesse is in the same position but with the roles switched, this time with the gun held to her own head by someone else.

Recently, Remedy detailed about how Control would be different from its previous efforts, such as Quantum Break, as well as its Epic Games Store exclusivity and the PlayStation 4 content expansion.

Control releases on August 27, 2019, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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