Thats right! the Official Xbox Magazine just released an image of a future cover for next months issue. (Credit to NeoGaf) Pictured below:

"Killer Sequel"? Sounds like Dead Space to me

Now don’t get me wrong, this image does little to nothing to inspire Dead Space thoughts, minus the blood. There was plenty of that in the Dead Space games. But according to my good buddy Nick, he pointed me to this Dead Space 2 Trailer, which, when paused at 0:24 seconds shows this image:

Look at the background, and imagine the spots were red...look similar?

Now just take a closer look at the trailer, and the OXM issue cover. Similar backgrounds, and even a blood spatter. Who knows? this could very well mean a whole new Dead Space game, to continue this great series. Think about it a bit more, KILLER sequel. kinda speaks for itself when you think about it. Take another look at these images, this time, side by side, just to see if you can see the similarities that I see:

Tell me you see it.

For all I know, I could be going off on a completely unrelated tangent, and it could be teasing some other sequel that isn’t Dead Space 3. But along the lines of “Killer”, could it be Bulletstorm 2? or even Dead Rising 3? Literally no details have been revealed about any of these sequels, but just consider what I’ve speculated, and take a peek at what little evidence I’ve displayed to you.

Check out our other rumors concerning a possible Dead Space sequel, Here. For a quick summary, the rumors state that the new Dead Space may be powered by the Frostbite 2.0 engine, the same engine that is behind the wildly beautiful Battlefield 3. Another small rumor states that the setting may be on a frozen planet, which would be completely fitting setting considering the engine. And a 3rd rumor states that the Dead Space team is hiring for a potential sequel, which could mean that there could be one currently in development!

Only waiting until next month will more or less answer our questions.

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  1. Unlikely methinks. The catchline reads reboot, and unless EA are changing the genre, I don't think that Dead Space falls under that category. Could be Manhunt, but does anyone else see the possibility of a tease in the shape and placement of the blood spatter? Not sure what it could be, but the pattern doesn't seem altogether entirely random…But no, definitely not Dead Space.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Dead Space 3 would not be a reboot of anything. 

  2. The blood splatter resembles an eye. Imagine the main blood splatter as the top eyelid and eye lashes. Then work your down and the pupil is peering downwards.

    Can anyone think of any games where an eye is a logo?

  3. Killer Instinct franchise relaunch?

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