E3 2012

Countdown to E3 – Grand Theft Auto V


The release of a logo late last year sent gamers into frenzy. The impending release of the latest entries in the Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed and Battlefield series meant nothing for a few days in the face of the imminent debut trailer of the real juggernaut: Grand Theft Auto. As soon as it hit, journalists were all over it, analysing every shot, scene and word to glean what details could be found. Once that initial excitement was past, silence fell. Seven months have passed since that fateful day, and scarcely any official details have come to light, even though numerous purported leaks and blowouts have occurred.

But for now, let’s stick to solid fact. Like the previous release, GTA V will be set in a redesigned version of a classic city. This time around, the stomping ground will be San Andreas’ Los Santos and its surrounds (a fictional Los Angeles and Southern California). Vinewood returns, as does Mount Chiliad and a number of other landmarks from the original incarnation of this city. It will also be the most faithful recreation of a real-life city in Grand Theft Auto’s history and is rumoured to feature a map double the size of GTA IV’s Liberty City.

If the lead character was the one speaking in the debut trailer, then he promises to be older than any previous protagonist. Rumoured to be named Albert De Silva, he mentions a couple of children and the fact that he has moved to Los Santos to escape from a past that he’d rather forget. Given that this is Grand Theft Auto, the bet is that he will be dragged right back into it. The theme of the game is said to be “the pursuit of the almighty dollar”, something that should ring bells for long time fans. It is also promised to be a revolution, not only for the series, but for “open-world freedom, storytelling and mission-based gameplay” as well.

And really, who’s going to doubt that at this point. Being developed at Rockstar North, with the rumoured assistance of Mafia II developer 2K Czech, Red Dead Redemption developer Rockstar San Diego and some of the other Rockstar studios, it holds as much promise as any game produced by them. And that is a hell of a lot. No matter what anyone says, Grand Theft Auto is still the series to rule them all.

Will it be at E3?

Conflicting reports, the most recent of which reportedly comes from a source close to development with an answer of no. If this is the case, it is hardly surprising. Max Payne 3 is still in the public consciousness and Rockstar haven’t attended E3 since the announced the PS3 exclusive AGENT back in 2009 (STILL waiting on preliminary details on that, by the way).
What we want to see:

Grand Theft Auto at its best. What more really needs to be said?

Okay, an engrossing narrative, a nice mix of relatable and off-the-wall characters, more things to occupy our time within the city, easter eggs and a stellar musical selection. The return of the biting satire and also of the violence and insanity that got so many people up in arms the first few times around. In short, Grand Theft Auto at its best. (I’ll say it a third time if I must)

Check back tomorrow for a preview of Halo 4. What do you want to see in Grand Theft Auto V? Let us know in the comments section below.

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