Users on the internet looking back at clips from the Xbox One reveal event today caught what might have been a tease for a new entry in the Crackdown franchise, Crackdown 3. Seen in the image below, there’s an obvious green agility orb on the dashboard in the bottom left corner. Agility orbs were placed all over the place in the city in Crackdown and tasked players with collecting them to upgrade their agility for their agent.


However, Ruffian games may not be developing the title as they are currently working on a self titled project called Tribal towers. More than likely that image is placed there just for presentation purposes, but Crackdown 3 is on the list of many as a wanted next-gen release on the Xbox 360. Hopefully we’ll know soon if the game is possibly coming to Xbox One.

Microsoft announced today that the Xbox One would see 15 exclusives in the first year of the console’s life-cycle, 8 of which being new franchises.

Nick Calandra
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