It was previously known that the developer of Crackdown, Ruffian Games, was currently working on an Unreal Engine 4 game, but up until now we didn’t know much more than that.

We’ve been doing some digging through Linkedin profiles and finally came up with some new information on the title that Ruffian Games iw working on. The Lead Artist of Ruffian Games, Paul Large lists on his experience tab that he’s currently working on an untitled action game utilizing Unreal Engine 4. You can see the listing just below.

Unreal 4

(Click image to enlarge)

While it’s not exactly all that surprising, another developer, Barry Cairns does confirm on his page that the title is a next-generation title. Again, you can see the listing below.

Unreal 4 2

If the title was listed as an open world action adventure title, we’d have much more confidence that the title was indeed Crackdown 3. However, in 2007 Crackdown did win the BAFTA award for “Best Action and Adventure Game”, so at the same time, this could easily point at Crackdown 3 being in development. We’ll be on the lookout for more information in the coming months leading up to E3.

What do you think about a next-generation Crackdown title using Unreal Engine 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I about damn time , we need a new crackdown games and if it’s using UE4 then bring it on .

  2. This will just be FTP trash……

    1. I think they learned their lesson after APB..

  3. great, i hope for Xbox domination

    1. It’ll be great to see a wide range of exclusives for the Xbox One. Hopefully it lasts the entire generation this time.

      1. touche, Microsoft realized Exclusives sell a console in the long term, the ps3 is a prime example, while i want ps4 to be good competition, i also want Xbox One to be the dominant console in terms of both exclusive games and features this gen, i believe Microsoft underestimated the power of the ps3’s exclusives last gen, but not this time, the ps4 shows no innovation, like sony is scared to change the “winning formula” but soon they will have to

        1. Eh, I wouldn’t say there’s no innovation. The franchises their bringing back are very, very high quality. Infamous, Undharted etc, and then they have The Order which looks very interesting. Both Micro and Sony have untitled exclusives on the way though. I’m very curious to know what Sony Santa Monica and Black Tusk are working on.

    2. Keep hoping.

  4. Except it was ‘Realtime Worlds’ that made Crackdown, not ‘Ruffian Games’. Ruffian were the Crackdown 2 devs. Granted, some of the team came in from Realtime Worlds, but that wasn’t enough to stop it from being an all-around inferior game.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. If it was RW making another game in that universe, I’d be excited. But Crackdown 2 was an all-around disappointment, and hugely undelivered.

      1. Yup, RW created it and Ruffian developed the second game. I think the problem was really not with the game itself, because it was certainly a Crackdown game, but they didn’t deliver a full fledged sequel. It felt much more like a DLC add on than adding anything useful to the series.

  5. i loved crackdown 1.
    was extremely dis pointed with 2
    i could handle the repetitive game play.
    it was the plot that killed it for me
    spoilers fallow
    the first game i figured out fairly early something was up with the “good guys”
    with it ending with the “twist” they were evil and bad all along.
    you get one small fight but then your like cant wait till the next game when i can take them down.

    the second game comes out and your a “diffrent” person working for the same guys you learned were evial but the person your playing as dose not know.
    he dose what ever they tell him and your just waiting till you can turn on them. but guss what
    right till the end you work for them then “shock” they turn out to be evil one small fight and the game end.

    thats the most stupid plot its like they assumed no one that played the first one was playing the second

    the way they reviled the bad guys were evil was like i was not suppose to know
    my only reaction was duh..

    if they try to pull this again i will not buy any of their games. why invest my time money and energy.

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