Creative Assembly has teased the announcement of a new Total War game with a countdown timer.

Whether the new Total War will be a sequel to Total War: Warhammer in the form of Warhammer 2 or a return to a more historical iteration of the real world is unknown. However, Creative Assembly has created a countdown timer as their method of teasing an announcement. It seems the excitement is coming to a head as fans come ever-closer to the news for which they have been waiting for over almost a year.

As one of the heaviest hitting real-time strategy franchises in video game history, Total War has a long-running streak as one of the most popular RTS games. Known for its massive campaigns, historical and fantastical elements, and large scale battles in which players act as the general of their armies (issuing commands, setting unit formations, ordering charges or retreats, etc.) and the overall leader of their faction (upgrading buildings across all territories, recruiting soldiers, increasing income, maintaining upkeep for armies, etc.). The most recent release in the series is Total War: Warhammer, where Creative Assembly, the series’ developer, strolled away from the historical side of Total War (Total War: Rome II, Total War: Shogun II, Medieval: Total War, etc.) for the first time in the franchise’s run. Since Warhammer’s release in early 2016, fans have been aching for a new title to add to the series.

Creative Assembly, subsidiary of Sega, is a British video game developer founded in 1987. Their breakthrough title, Shogun: Total War, was published in 1999 and is considered a benchmark strategy game. While the Total War games for which the company is known are exclusive to PC, Creative Assembly has branched out and made a few console games. Console titles include Alien: Isolation, Halo Wars, Halo Wars 2, Spartan: Total Warrior, and Viking: Battle for Asgard.

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Dylan Warman

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