Creed: Rise To Glory Punches In To PSVR

A recent PlayStation VR-focused event from Sony showcased the upcoming movie tie-in boxing game Creed: Rise To Glory.

In the game, players will use dual PS Move Controllers in a virtual world to fight against younger versions of characters from the Rocky franchise. However, unlike the boxing aspect of Wii Sports, Creed will the not allow the player to swing wildly to win. The player has to defend themselves and actually punch.

The game sports proprietary mechanics called Phantom Melee, which uses strategic desynchronization powered by responsive controls, and Virtual Stamina, used to simulate fatigue after throwing many punches. Together, these systems are intended to make a more “believably intense, wholly immersive boxing sensation.”

Creed: Rise To Glory has a campaign where the player will assume the role of Adonis Creed as he goes along the journey from amateur to champion. Creed’s trainer will be Rocky Balboa, who puts the player through warm-up drills and training sessions on the way to success. Aside from the campaign, exhibition matches can be set up. While the game is also set to be available on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, PlayStation gamers will have the exclusive option to play as a young Rocky.

By most accounts, the game is shaping up as a potential showcase for VR technology. The Playstation Blog’s Sid Shuman wrote that “[it] felt natural, intuitive, and utterly unique […] As my confidence grew, I started hammering away with 3- and 4-hit combos, and sneaking in jabs whenever [the adversary] revealed a cheekbone or eyebrow.” Venturebeat’s Mike Minotee also provided a positive endorsement: “Creed is not about memorizing enemy patterns like in Punch-Out. You look for openings and attack while keeping your hands up when you need to go on the defensive.”

At a previous event, VRFocus stated that the game felt good, to the point of being a borderline boxing simulator. PCGamer also went hands-on, finding that Creed makes Wii Sports Boxing look weak, along with saying it felt different from Punch Out by excluding the “gimmick” that game held.

Creed: Rise to Glory is developed by Survios, which previously released the VR games Sprint Vector and Raw Data.  The game is slated to release in late 2018.

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