A brief, mysterious new trailer for 2D mystery/adventure effort Rainswept reveals that the title will launch at the beginning of next month.

The teaser cuts quickly between locations and scenarios. Scenes of daily life succeed investigations and apparent nightmares, all interspersed with video static and accompanied with some of the most idyllic 2D backdrops in recent gaming.

The trailer concludes by showing off the launch date of February 1 for Mac and PC.

In Rainswept, players take on the role of private detective Michael Stone as he arrives in the town of Pineview to help local police solve an apparent murder-suicide. The developer describes the game as being inspired by the likes of Twin Peaks and Korean neo-noir films.

As players come closer to uncovering the mystery surrounding the deaths, they will also be drawn into Michael’s past and the ever growing threat to his sanity.

The developer likens Rainswept to Life is Strange and Firewatch in terms of its gameplay and overall atmosphere.

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Damien Lawardorn
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