Crysis 3 has been confirmed and boy am I excited for the third installment in the series. It’s not often we get a first person shooter with a better than average storyline and in my opinion Crysis has offered that with each installment. Fans of the original were somewhat disappointed with the second game as it went for a more confined setting within the streets of New York. Being as it may, the game still offered players numerous choices to take on their foes, but definitely not as many options as the open sandbox setting of the first game offered. Crysis 3 is looking to impress fans of both sides of the spectrum.

Set in 2047, New York City has been encased in a dome by the Cell Corporation, the evil corporation of humans you fought against in the second game. Inside the dome the environment has been split into 7 distinct areas, dubbed “The Seven Wonders” as cited in the press release New York City has been transformed into a “veritable urban rainforest teeming with overgrown trees, dense swamplands and raging rivers.” This is the scene Prophet returns to when returning to New York City and is now on a mission of revenge after learning the true motives behind Cell’s quarantine domes. Cell had told the citizens that the domes would be used to remove the remnants of the Ceph, the alien invaders, but in reality are using the domes for land grabs as they work to dominate the world. Crytek is promising a thrilling mix of sandbox style gameplay along with a mix of human and “devastating” alien technology. As cited by the screen shots, the most notable new weapon is Prophets’ composite bow, but a new Nanosuit is also up for grabs as well.

Don’t get too excited though as you won’t be playing Crysis 3 this year. EA has the game slated for a 2013 release on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Check out the first screen shots below. Make sure to keep it here at Only SP as we will be covering the games single player side with in-depth coverage. We will also work on getting an interview in with the devs soon as well.

Nick Calandra
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