7-wonders-of-crysis-3---episode-4---the-typhoon---4Each installment of the Crysis series has completely blown us away with its over the top graphical prowess. However, all of that visual splendor would be lost without beautiful machines of murder to properly convey just how much tissue is torn from an alien’s body when you pepper it with lead. Director Albert Hughes, in collaboration with Crytek and EA, has released this fourth masterpiece in the series displaying the power of Crysis 3. This time showcasing the stupid deadly Typhoon rifle.

Firing five hundred rounds per SECOND through multiple barrels, this BFG completely mows through anything in its path. One could only imagine the chaos these bullets would wreak if the CryEngine supported destructible environments. This gun looks like it could carve a hole straight through someone’s skull and continue on to puncture though layers of concrete. I felt discouraged from combat during my play through of Crysis 2 due to a combination of the massively overpowered camouflage ability and weapons that just didn’t feel rewarding, but this monster alone just gets me giddy. I cannot wait to unleash hell.

Crysis 3 is set to release on February 19th for XBOX 360, Playstation 3, and PC. Check out this video and, but please, try to contain your maniacal laughter.

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