It looks like the Darksiders IP will live again, at least we hope. Newly formed developer Crytek USA have stated they will be putting a bid in on the Darksiders IP formerly with THQ to keep the series alive. The news comes from Crytek USA Corp. CEO David Adams who revealed via Twitter that the IP will become available for auction next month and fully intends to take a run at it. Adams noted that the game “belongs at home with its creators,”.

The Crytek USA studio comprises of about 35 ex Vigil employees formally of the now disbanded THQ publisher. The IP comprises of two Darksiders games and other games that will be in the auction are Homeworld  and Red Faction.

The bidding takes place on April 1 and ends on April 15th.

Source: Joystiq, Twitter

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  1. Homeworld and red faction are developers?

    1. My mistake, I have made the correction. They were other games in the auction not developers. I thought that looked weird.

  2. They will make darksiders indie game as free to play.

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