Since being announced in May, we’ve heard very little about CD Projekt Red’s newest IP Cyberpunk.  We’ve been waiting to find out more about this “mature” futuristic RPG from the developers behind the Witcher series.  In a recent Q&A session, Community Manager Marcin Momot revealed a few details about the game including inspiration, character customization, and the game world.

As indicated during the announcement, the game will be based in a futuristic world, with futuristic technology.  As a result, it’s no surprise that Momot cites Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell as inspiration, as well as the works of famed cyber-fiction author William Gibson.  He also states that ShellShock and Deus Ex were influential from a gameplay perspective.  Obviously, the game will also take inspiration from its pen and paper predecessor, especially in terms of the setting.  While Cyberpunk will take place “all over the world”, the focus will be on Night City, the default setting for the pen and paper version of the game.  Momot eases any concerns over their interpretation of the game world: “One thing is certain, we want to make a game with an open, living world that stays true to the source material.”

A vast range of character classes was also promised back in May and, according to Momot, they will be staying true to the role system found in the pen and paper version of Cyberpunk.  With that in mind, they are looking to create a game in which the character customization will be tied to the plot.  “Now going from that,” says Momot, “we believe that we can make a game where, with many different role choices, you will get a very strong, engaging story, just like it was with The Witcher.”  He also states that the customization options in Cyberpunk will be far deeper than those found in The Witcher, allowing players to “change their statistics, equipment, implants and much more.”

While we’ve only seen the above screenshot that was shown at the game’s announcement, there should be some more assets on the way.  According to Momot, he’s been “bothering” the art team to release some new content, but to no avail.  He encourages fans to be on the lookout for further details on the CDPR website and Facebook/Twitter.

We here at OnlySP will definitely be anticipating more information about Cyberpunk and we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we hear anything.



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