Daedalic Entertainment Releases First Details on Pillars of the Earth Video Game


Late last week, Daedalic Entertainment released their first details of their upcoming Pillars of Earth game, based on the world created by author Ken Follett in 1989. You can check out their production video, which shows off some of the characters, environment, and animations from the early alpha version of the game. The game is being described as “interactive literature” and definitely looks a lot like the adventure games of yore like King’s Quest.

Daedalic released the following synopsis about the game:

England, 12th century: Philip the monk becomes Prior of the small abbey of Kingsbridge. At the same time, a boy called Jack is raised by his outlawed mother in the woods. His apprenticeship as a stonemason paves his way to become a great architect. Soon, his steps lead him to Kingsbridge where he will build one of the greatest cathedrals England has ever seen. Aliena and Richard have to survive on their own, after the sibling’s father, the Earl of Shiring, has been incarcerated and murdered. Aliena vows to make her brother the rightful heir and Earl of Shiring. Like Jack, their way leads them to Kingsbridge. Aliena puts her expertise as a tradeswoman to good use, supporting the cathedral’s construction and falls in love with Jack. But Kingsbridge and its people are in grave danger. Philip’s rivals, Bishop Waleran and Wiliam, a vengeful noble rejected by Aliena, see the town and its rise to importance as a thorn in their flesh. They want to see Kingsbridge burn.

The developers have stated that writers for the project are working closely with Ken Follette and his office on the project to ensure it is as authentic an experience as possible for fans of the series – both old and new alike.

Pillars of the Earth is expected to be released on PC, Mac, Linux, Playstation 4, XBox One and even mobile sometime in 2017 (at the same time as the third novel of the Kingsbridge Series). Keep an eye on Only Single Player for more news about this and all your other favorite single player games. And be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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