Daemon X Machina Releasing A Limited Time Demo

Daemon X Machina was announced at E3 in 2018, but in today’s Nintendo Direct a demo was announced to be released today for a limited time.

The demo, titled Daemon X Machina Prototype Missions, will have four playable missions concluding in a boss fight. The demo will also showcase customization and basic controls.

Some players will be e-mailed an invitation to share feedback about the prototype missions, but people are more than welcome to share their thoughts with them on social media.

Producer Kenichiro Tsukuda said in the Direct that Daemon X Machina “should’ be releasing this summer 2019. Tsukuda also said they have more to announce later on and that following the official Nintendo Twitter Account is the best way to find the info.

Stay tuned as OnlySP will be covering the demo and sharing their thoughts about the state of the game.

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